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How to buy industrial hinges

Issuing time:2022-01-19 15:06


How to buy industrial hinges? There are various hinge products in the market, facing many brands and various materials. Type of products, users will inevitably suffer difficulties. Below, we have compiled the common features of various materials industry pages, hoping to help you buy hinge products in the future:

When you buy an industrial hinge, you should be more concerned about whether the industrial hinge products are durable and whether the surface will rust or oxidize. These problems depend on the hinge products of what materials you choose and their surface treatment process. In terms of durability, the more economical choice is stainless steel page.

1. Industrial hinges are made of stainless steel as the surface material, and the surface will be brighter and brighter, with good strength, strong corrosion resistance and lasting color. But stainless steel can be divided into many types, including ferrite and austenite. Ferrite, commonly known as stainless steel, has magnetic properties, so it will rust if it is used for a long time and the environment is poor. Only austenitic stainless steel is not easy to rust, and the method of identifying these two materials is very simple, only using magnets.

2. Copper is also one of the widely used industrial hinge materials. Good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and processing performance, bright appearance, especially for hinge decorations such as forged handles, with high surface flatness, good density, no air holes and sand holes.

3. The strength and rust-proof ability of zinc alloy materials are relatively poor, but it is easy to make parts with various complicated patterns, especially in pressure casting. On the market, there are many common and more complicated group electric cabinet door hinges made of zinc alloy, which we need to identify carefully when purchasing. Steel has good strength and low cost, but it is easy to rust. Only austenitic stainless steel will not rust. Generally, it is only suitable for the internal structural materials of electric cabinet door hinges, but not for external decoration.

4. Aluminum and aluminum alloys. Generally, aluminum alloys are soft and light. The strength of the material is low, but it is also easy to process and shape. Generally, the surface treatment of electric cabinet door hinges refers to covering or forming a protective film on the surface of parts by metal electrodeposition (electroplating), painting (spraying), chemical oxidation (coloring) or other processing methods. This kind of film is mainly used to prevent corrosion, and at the same time, it enhances the aesthetics and durability of products, which is an important factor to directly measure the quality of products. Common methods to measure surface treatment include coating thickness measurement, adhesive force inspection, salt spray humidity test, appearance inspection, etc. Coating adhesion, hardness, humidity test and appearance inspection are adopted.

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