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Reflective plate is a kind of cost-effective and widely used auxiliary equipment for lighting and li

Issuing time:2022-01-19 15:41


Reflective plate is a kind of cost-effective and widely used auxiliary equipment for lighting and light filling.

At present, most reflectors on the market provide a variety of reflective surfaces, such as two-in-one (gold+silver), five-in-one (gold+silver+white+black+soft) and seven-in-one (gold+silver+white+black+soft+blue+green).

Why do reflectors have so many reflective surfaces? What are their functions and what subjects are suitable for shooting? What are the skills and precautions when using? Let's have a look!

1. Silver reflective surface.

Silver surface is widely used and frequently used.

With strong reflectivity, it is the choice for low light environment (or when you need to create strong auxiliary light), whether it is to fill the light or act as the main light source.

In addition, silver reflection is relatively friendly to novices.

When arranging reflectors, it is very important to adjust the distance between reflectors and the main body, but beginners often lack experience to keep reflectors away from the main body. Silver reflector can reflect more light, partially making up for the wrong consequences.

Of course, this does not mean that silver is omnipotent. When the ambient light is strong, the silver reflector will often lead to the reflected light being too strong and too hard, which will affect the light filling effect. You may need to soften the light or go further.

2. Golden reflective surface.

The golden reflective surface is suitable for outdoor portraits, because it is suitable for the warm color brought by sunlight.

Especially when shooting a sunset backlit portrait, the sunlight itself has its own warm color, which is reflected by the golden reflective surface to further strengthen the warm color. When it hits people, it will have more sunset feeling:

However, don't use golden reflectors under studio lighting and flash lights-don't mention yellow for the time being. You will find that the color reflected by the white artificial light source on the character is uneven.

3. White reflective surface.

Compared with the gold and silver reflective surface, the white reflective surface has a lower reflection intensity, but the reflected light is relatively soft, uniform and clean, which is very suitable for filling light to dilute shadows.

As long as the light is not too dark, the indoor and outdoor white reflective surface is also very easy to use, and the light filling effect is natural.

However, due to the lack of white reflectivity, it may be necessary to be closer to the main body, adding some little trouble to the framing composition; In addition, the white reflective surface does not perform well in low light environment.

4. Black light-absorbing surface.

The black surface of the reflector is not used for reflection, but for light absorption. Placing the black light absorbing surface in the proper position can significantly reduce the light in the corresponding direction.

When shooting jewelry, glass bottles and metal objects, black light-absorbing surfaces are often used to reduce the surface reflection of objects.

When taking portraits, the black light-absorbing surface is more used to create personalized shadows in the position.

5. Soft light board

Remove all the coats on the reflector, and all that is left is the soft plate. It has no reflection ability and can't fill the light, but it can effectively soften the light.

It's also simple to place the soft light plate between the main body and the light source.

Shoot in the top light at noon and under the mottled tree shadow. If you don't want to leave obvious shadows on the faces of the characters, filter the light with a soft light board.

Assuming that your reflector area is large enough, you can also use the soft surface as the background when you need to take a close-up of your face.

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