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Why are fewer cars equipped with fenders?

Issuing time:2022-01-19 16:14


In fact, at the back of the car, there is another small hole for fixing on the fender of the car. And fenders were popular for a while about 10 years ago. Why are fewer cars equipped with fenders? Is it necessary for everyone to buy a new car?


First of all, the decorative advantages, first of all, of course, is the big role of fenders, covering dirt. When the vehicle is running, the rotation of the tires will splash mud on the ground onto the vehicle body. Besides the unimportant tires, what's worse is that the muddy water will splash on the side of the door and trunk. If you go to the car wash shop after the rain, you will find that there are many people washing cars because of this stain. Moreover, with the fender installed, this will not happen naturally.

Apart from simply blocking mud, fenders also have hidden functions. I don't know if you noticed, but even the old drivers who have never had an accident are as "scarred" as their bodies after driving for a long time. Moreover, the reason is that in addition to mud, there are small flying gravel brought by the vehicle during driving. These debris are pulled by the car tires and hit the body, just like a knife that damages the body. Over time, a small scratch in the direction of the wheel rotation will be formed in the vehicle. Moreover, the fender installed behind the tire can also effectively prevent these flying stones from splashing and scratching the car.


Talking about the advantages, let's talk about the disadvantages of fenders. The first one is a big shortcoming that can't be concealed-ugliness! In order not to show dirt, the fenders are basically black, and in order to effectively block the sediment, it will be slightly longer than the frame in general. That is to say, no matter what color car you are, you must put four big black squares in such conspicuous places. It's naturally inappropriate.

In addition, the current fenders are all made of neutral plastic and then fixed with ordinary screws. This unreliable way doomed the fender to refuse to follow the car you love for a lifetime. What's more, it's painful that they can't be dropped together, and when some of your car's tires are blocked and some are gone, it's almost killing me.

What if you are not an appearance association, have no obsessive-compulsive disorder, but just a pragmatic person? Relax, let's talk about the shortcomings of the actual use of fenders. Because it is longer than the car body, it reduces the height of the car frame in disguise, which will affect the passability of the car. In short, a car with fenders is easy to get stuck when it is at the height of the helicopter.

Moreover, if you are an older person and have high requirements for the chassis, the fender has another disadvantage, that is, the fender is not considered in the design of the car, so installing the fender will affect the streamline of the vehicle and increase the wind resistance. I can't say for sure that it will affect the power of the car, and this wind resistance is nothing on the premise that everyone drives safely. When driving at high speed, the lighter fender will make a certain noise under wind resistance, which will be a little noisy.

How to choose?

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages, let me give you some suggestions on whether to install the fender. The author's suggestion is that if you often drive the roads in good condition, especially the urban roads in good condition, and there is little rain, it is better not to load them. Because there are few gravel in the city, it's not worth mentioning to install it in order to rain occasionally.

Moreover, if you are walking in really bad road conditions, it is also not recommended that everyone install a fender. First, it is extremely obvious to reduce chassis wear in bad road conditions. Second, if the road condition is too bad, the road mud will not be carried away by the tires at this time, but will stick to the tires to form a layer of silt. At this time, the fender will become a mud scraper, and the thin and light structure will soon be unable to bear the impact of the front mud and break.

So the fender is useless? Similarly, if you are a rider in the south, you probably have a deep understanding of "cherish every sunny day in spring". The muddy road with continuous rain is a suitable stage for fenders, which can save a lot of car washing expenses in rainy season, but it is simple and convenient in rainy season, and the screwdriver can be removed, so it is a good stage.

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