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Many people may not know much about the specific function of the air cylinder.

Issuing time:2022-01-19 16:56


Generally speaking, aluminum alloy air cylinders are installed on trucks using air brakes. Many people may not know much about the specific function of the air cylinder.

1. energy storage

Generally, gas is used in many places on big trucks, such as whistle and road brakes. Because if there is no air reservoir in the car, the air pumped by the air compressor alone is far from enough. Therefore, trucks need to be equipped with air cylinders until the critical moment. Just like a stream in a mountain stream is not enough to generate electricity, after the stream accumulates in a reservoir, it can only be pushed by rushing out of the valve together.

Step 2 filter

As we all know, the air contains a lot of water molecules and dust, as well as all kinds of oil pumped in due to air compressor failure. Once the air enters the gas path of the vehicle and mixes with the engine oil in the vehicle, it will easily damage the vehicle parts for a long time, which will cause certain hidden dangers to the driving safety. If an air storage cylinder is installed, air entering the air storage cylinder through the air compressor pump will stay for a short time. Because of the water molecules and dust in the air, the relative weight of the oil is heavier than that of the air, so it will fall on the bottom of the air storage cylinder, so the air storage cylinder can also play a very good filtering role.

3. Stabilize voltage

Without an air reservoir, when air enters the vehicle through the air compressor, the compressed air flowing into the vehicle air path will be very unstable due to the movement of the upper and lower pistons of the air compressor. If an air reservoir is installed, unstable air can flow out stably through the outlet of the air reservoir after a short stay.

Step 4 cool down

When the outside air enters the air machine, it will be compressed and its volume will become smaller, but it will also produce a certain temperature. When the temperature is higher, the relative density will become smaller, and the volume of stored air will also be relatively reduced. As the temperature rises, the water in the air will not precipitate easily, so the air line in the automobile air path needs to be relatively cooled, which can be cooled, except the spiral pipe cooling.

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